New York Water Towers

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I can honestly say I miss New York….or miss some things about it. The Northwest and I are far more compatible. But I had a good fling with the big city. Even taking into consideration all the museums, galleries, world attractions of various kinds, the thing I miss most is the sunset on the rickety old rooftop water towers.

DJ Linus Stubbs

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I must have been hungry when I came up with the record stack for DJ Linus. I also added a nod to drippy-paint logos, which abound in Hip Hop, by applying the syrup to the lettering.

The Solution and Dilated Peoples – Believe That

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Not all Hip Hop artists have the pedigree of ENEE-ONE, whose grandfather was a professional boxer. I figured this entitled him to some serious bragging rights, so I decided to incorporate it into the design of his debut album, Say Goodnight. (Did I mention it features KRS-ONE — more bragging rights).


Den of the Flow

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den of the flow

Logos for hip hoppers, Den of the Flow, also known as the Pasta Crew.


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Deaf Rabbit Original Hip Hop

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What says old school Hip Hop like the original turntable, mix tape, mic, and boombox?

Summit Honda

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Harry O’s

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Harry O’s, a popular night club in Park City, Utah had me do a series of flyers for their frequent events.


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Graywhale Entertainment (The independent music store that came up with the idea of trading used CDs) asked me to come up with a series of character whales…..Clockwise, left to right: Gamer to introduce their new and used video game section; G-Mobile to introduce mobile phones; A sleazy salesman whale for advertising deals; Hip Hop whale; Propaganda whale for use in hiring; A pierced whale for jewelry; and “Killer” for the Killer Whale Club.

Netweight All Stars

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Netweight Allstars

For New England Hip Hop label Netweight, I did a version of the classic baseball logo with a tone-arm swoop (Colors based on your favorite team).

Netweight Scale

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